Thursday, February 26, 2015

And Now for Something Completely Different

Evidently the Human heeded my call for at least a temporary cease-click with the Flashy Box, because today we have a picture story in which *I*, Spitty the Kitty, do not appear.

It seems that on the block where Wally, Aggie, Madie Mitten Kitten and their Dad reside, something kind of wonderful has sprung up in recent months.

The Humans who live in a house near the street-car cut decided a while back to designate a tree in front of their home as a Gratitude Tree. They encircled the tree with chicken wire and provided tags on which their neighbors and other passers by could write something for which they were grateful and then tie the tag to the tree.

That proved so popular, they added a second tree, a Wishing Tree:
This one brought a little tear to the Human's eye (and it even gave me a tiny lump in my throat). We made it big so you could read it, but in case you can't, it says: "I wish for QueQue, Pele + Zach to all find each other over the rainbow bridge...see you someday again © Papa + Mom"

I can't summon up a single snarky comment. I must be going soft, do you think?
But don't fret none. I'll be back to myself by the weekend.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Flashy Box! Flashy Box! Flashy Box!

I want to have my late afternoon snack and window time in peace, thank you very much!

Don't you already have, like, 8482 pictures of me? 
I am a cat
I am floofy
I am all black
I have amberish-greenish eyes. 
I am medium-sized.

I look the same in every freaking picture! Stop it!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Human and the Police

On January 27, the Human got a fix-it ticket for a missing front license plate. 
In order to get replacements, she had to surrender the other plate, which means she has been driving around for almost a month with NO license plates. 
Finally, on Saturday, the new ones arrived. After they were properly affixed yesterday, she bit the bullet and went to Park Police Station near our Castle--not easy to get to either--you can *see* it--you just can't easily drive to it! 
Anyway, she parked & walked to the station. An officer outside bid a friendly hello and so she said she needed a fix-it ticket signed off so it would cost only 10 green papers instead of 117.
He asked what the ticket was for and she told him it was for the missing front license plate. 

He said, "Sure" and reached for it. 

She said, "Don't you want to see the plates?" 

He said, "No, in my experience people who come TO the police station of their own free will are usually telling the truth."

LOL! She coulda got that ticket signed off a month ago without replacing the plate at all! Stoopy Human!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Tippity Toppity

Here comes Spitty Floofytail 
Boppin' down the kitty trail. . . 
Hippity hoppity, his keister's on display! 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Crikey! What Fresh Horror Is This?

Oh, wait a minute! Once I calmed down, and saw this monstrosity was not going to eat me, I began to explore it (tailio still swishing though, and a certain aura of suspicion lingering around that tippy-top perch). 

Huh. It's pretty comfertabuls, and an improvement over the boring basket that was here before. It even has a nice scratching surface on the upright.

Good job, Human

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Overly-Sharpened Sunday Semi-Selfie

Well, the Human got a little carried away with Photoshop, and is too l-a-z-y to go back and fix it. Of course.

As you can see, my sparkly green ball is alive and well, and has *not* (despite suggestions to the contrary) traversed my digestive tract. As if! It is right there, waiting happily for my attentions later this evening.

Spring continues its untimely course, creating sun puddles galore and leaving nothing but dust in its wake. 

The time for my nappy, which knits up the raveled sleeve of care, has arrived and I am powerless to resist.

Hope efurry kitty is having an Easy Sunday!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thoughtful Thursday

And, oh Kitties! The thoughts I am having!
You just cannot imagine.

Sweet Caroline has been given up for Lent? What nonsense is THAT?

Someone (I'm looking at YOU Queen Nellie) has suggested The Beads may make another appearance soon. 

And Flynn and Queen Katie suggested I am pooping green sparkly balls. Not to mention the twin spectres of rosaries and pea soup & you know who you are, CK and Lounge Kitties.

Phffffft!  What I need is a nappy, and perhaps a soothing companion.